International Middle years

Our Middle Years students access the International Middle Years Curriculum. This curriculum inspires and engages students, enriching their learning experience through a rigorous academic platform, designed to prepare students well for their next stage of learning. The development of personal dispositions and international mindedness are an intrinsic part of every unit. Our students also engage in STEAM inspired studies, where they are exposed to hands-on, authentic learning. Students are given a chance to apply what they know and lead their own learning.

We Understand Family ● Families are the keystone upon which our schools are built. We grow partnerships with families to ensure the success of our students. We believe family comes first.

We Measure Progress ● Our teachers are coached in helping students to reach individual goals. Annual assessments are available to all our students from our consultant therapy team.

We Want Individuality ● We celebrate our cultural diversity. Our students are valued for their individuality and learn to respect and value the individuality of others.

We Aim For Excellence ● We forge strong partnerships with local and international
organizations ensuring a world class learning experience.