International Primary

Our Primary Years students access the International Primary Curriculum—a comprehensive and thematic curriculum with a clear process of learning. The specific and challenging learning goals for every subject foster international mindedness and personal growth. Our multi-age classrooms allow for each child to progress within their zone of proximal development. Our experienced team develops independent learners with a strong sense of community and a passion for learning.

We Understand Family ● Families are the keystone upon which our schools are built. We grow partnerships with families to ensure the success of our students. We believe family comes first.

We Measure Progress ● Our teachers are coached in helping students to reach individual goals. Annual assessments are available to all our students from our consultant therapy team.

We are Committed ● Our teachers receive ongoing professional development on sound teaching and learning practices, enabling them to deliver high quality learning experiences.

We Aim for Excellence ● We forge strong partnerships with local and international
organizations ensuring a world class learning experience.